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Many of the repairs that professional Albany roofers perform on a property due to tree damage could have been avoided. While there are some cases of winds strong enough to uproot a healthy tree, this occurrence is rare. Most tree damage to roofs occurs because large, overhanging branches weren't trimmed or a tree was unhealthy and therefore posed a risk. This is why it's so important for homeowners to have the trees on their property regularly inspected and trimmed.

In the event that a tree falls on the roof of a home, the homeowner should quickly assess the situation and determine if evacuation is the right course of action. If the storm is strong or the damage causes the living area to be unsafe or uncomfortable, then residents should evacuate if doing so is safe. If it's not safe to evacuate, residents should close off the damaged area of the home as much as possible and move the family to an unaffected area.

Once the family is safe, the homeowners should contact their insurance company. Most insurance companies have 24 hour hotlines.

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This will get the repair process started immediately, and the insurance company may have instructions for the homeowner, including which emergency roofing team to call. An emergency roofing team will come out to the home as soon as it's safe to do so and install a roofing tarp on the affected area in order to mitigate water penetration and other damage.

The next order of business is to schedule an estimate. If the homeowner has a roofing company that he or she has worked with before, it's wise to call them. Otherwise, homeowners should call multiple roofing companies to come out and inspect the damage and provide an estimate. The insurance adjuster should come to the home the next morning or as soon as the storm has subsided, and the homeowner can use the information from these sources to determine the best course of action.

Throughout the process, it's important to take pictures inside and outside the home. Residents should feel free to ask the adjuster for the photos that he or she has taken and ask the roofers performing estimates to take photos that support their quotes. Although adjusters are often painted in a negative light, roof damage can be a significant long term cost for insurance companies, and adjusters generally want to ensure that a roof is thoroughly repaired.

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