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Roof leaks are very common. Local Albany roofers know how to deal with them. The first common cause of rook leakage is cracked flashing. Broken flashing features big cracks that are easy to see. Since roofers use tar as a sealant for flashing, the seal around the flashing can easily become corroded. If a homeowner's flashing is exposed, inclement weather can cause a crack.

Fixing flashing is relatively easy. Once the leak's source is located, the homeowner will pull up the nails that were used to keep the old flashing secure. Then, they will pull up any shingles that are in the way and remove the portion of flashing that is cracked. They will gently place new flashing on the exposed location. They will secure the flashing with new roofing nails. Finally, the homeowner should apply a coat of sealant to the tops of the nails.

Broken shingles are a second common cause of roof leaks. All a homeowner has to do to find them is to look up at their roof. A homeowner will notice different colors on the roof if shingles have indeed fallen off.

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To repair this, a homeowner will put a pry bar beneath a row of nails connecting the damaged shingle to a non damaged one. They'll lift the damaged shingle up. Eventually, the nail will come off. Then, they'll put pressure on the shingle while removing the nails. Finally, they will remove the shingle that is damaged and swap it out for an undamaged shingle, adding new nails to keep it in place.

The third common cause of roof leaks is a cracked vent booting. Roof vents look like little pipes that stick out of the roof. Leaks in this part of the roof will usually leave dark spots. This happens because roof vents are secured when a roofer puts flashing around the vent's opening and takes a tight, rubber boot and places it where the pipe protrudes from the roof. As time passes, the flashing may break or the roof will become decayed.

To fix this problem, a homeowner can take a knife to remove the rubber circumventing the vent. They will take a pry bar to destroy the sealant on any of the shingles that connect to it. They will then slide the replacement rubber under the shingles and over the vent itself. The new boot will be secured with roofing nails. They'll add caulk to the shingles to keep them sealed.

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