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Homeowners looking to install new siding on their home are left with a plethora of options. While wood has been a staple for many years, newer technology is providing more durable and effective options. In terms of protection, fiber cement siding is the most effective alternative. Homeowners should go over the benefits of fiber cement siding prior to calling Albany roofers for installation to ensure that the product is right for their home.

Fiber cement siding gets its resilience and strength from its manufacturing process. The siding comes in long planks that are made from a number of different ingredients. The main ingredients are cement, sand, cellulose fiber and water. These ingredients are sustainable, making cement siding a green product. Boards are created with high pressure steam. The high pressurization produces boards that are water resistant and tough.

Its strength and protection are some of the product's biggest selling points. Fiber cement siding can withstand the normal wear and tear of heavy rainfall, but it can stand up to hurricane force winds, extreme temperature changes and UV damage. Unlike wood, fiber cement siding is impervious to rot. Water can easily penetrate wood if it is not constantly sealed or painted, leading to mold and rot. Fiber cement is virtually impenetrable, ensuring that water damage and cracks do not emerge.

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Fiber cement siding is also resistant to other forms of damage such as bug infestations and fire. Because it is made from a mixture of ingredients, it doesn't attract bugs like natural wood. Even if it did, the pressurized planks don't allow bugs to penetrate. When it comes to fire protection, fiber cement siding has a Class A fire rating. This means that the material is essentially nonflammable. Fiber cement will prevent a fire from spreading, decreasing the chances of damage to the home.

Fiber cement is also easy to maintain. While most brands of siding will need a new coat of paint every few years, it doesn't require regular sealants or treatment to retain its protective qualities. In fact, paint on fiber cement siding is known to last much longer than on wooden siding. Many manufacturers apply a high quality primer on the siding to make the first paint job last. Others are even making fiber cement boards that don't require paint at all.

Fiber cement siding is a worthy investment for homeowners looking to get the most protection. With many manufacturers offering warranties of 50 years or more, homeowners can ensure that the siding will protect their home for a lifetime.

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