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Albany roofers agree that radiant barriers are essential for proper roof maintenance and maintaining an energy efficient home. Radiant heat is part of the sun's invisible light spectrum, and as such, it will travel at the speed of light until it is absorbed or reflected. Roofing materials absorb this radiant heat and then reradiates it above and below the roof deck. This means that at least half of the sun's radiant heat will transfer into the attic.

After the roof transfers the radiant heat into the attic, it is absorbed by traditional insulation. As the traditional insulation absorbs the radiant heat, it begins to reradiate it down into the home. Although traditional insulation slows down the process of heat transfer, it does not stop it, making it harder for a homeowner to keep a house cool in warm temperatures.

Excessive attic temperatures can also diminish the lifespan of a roof. Every 18 degree increase in ambient air temperature can decrease the lifespan of roofing materials by 50 percent. Excessive attic temperatures can also warp and crack rafters, weakening the overall roof structure.

Radiant barriers can protect a home from this radiant heat transfer.

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A radiant barrier is a highly reflective surface, like aluminum foil, that is often attached to a base layer made out of craft paper or cardboard. This barrier is installed in an open air space perpendicular to the radiant heat source, usually by stapling it directly to the roof rafters or laying it over the traditional insulation. This barrier will then reflect the radiant heat back towards the roof, protecting the attic and prevent the traditional insulation from absorbing the heat.

Radiant barriers are extremely effective, reflecting up to 97 percent of the sun's radiant heat. In warmer climates, installing a radiant barrier can decrease cooling costs 5 to 10 percent, according to Of course, the effectiveness of a radiant barrier depends largely on proper installation. When adding a radiant barrier it is best to hire a certified professional, since there are manufacturer's instructions, safety precautions, and building and fire codes that all need to be addressed. It's important to note that the reflective surface will conduct electricity.

When a radiant barrier is properly installed, it will droop away from the points of attachment at least 1 inch but should also be protected from dust accumulation. The air space allows for radiant heat reflection. However, dust accumulation can result in a reduction in these reflective properties. This continues to make radiant barriers a controversial topic.

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