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Most housing codes are developed with average regional snowfall in mind. However, some years have above average snowfall and storms that hit in rapid succession. In this type of situation, homeowners may need to remove the snow from their roof to prevent structural damage to their home. Snow is extremely heavy and can put undue stress on a home's roofing system. For example, six inches of wet snow weighs as much as 38 inches of dry fluffy snow. If the snow falls in conjunction with ice or freezing rain, the problems are compounded. Experienced Albany roofers can help homeowners safely remove snow and ice from their roofs and can prevent a catastrophic roofing failure.

A home's roof is its least accessible structure, making snow removal a challenge. For single story dwellings, snow removal tools that are used from the ground can make the chore much safer. A roof rake allows the homeowner to safely remove the first three to four feet of snow at the roof's edge. Ideally, the roof rake should leave two to three inches of snow on the roof as a precaution against damaging the roofing materials.

The roofing contractors at Ideal Construction of Albany can assist you with any questions regarding siding or doors.

Homeowners should choose a roof rake with rollers to prevent its blade from cracking frozen shingles.

Homeowners should never climb onto the roof and attempt to clear the snow manually. The roof's slippery surface poses a hazard to homeowners attempting "do it yourself" projects. Additionally, the metal blade could damage the roof, defeating the purpose of removing the snow in the first place. Manual snow shoveling on the roof is typically not worth the risks it poses to the homeowner.

The best snow removal method is hiring a professional roofing contractor to do the job. Professionals have specialized snow removal tools, safety equipment and specialized training that enables them to clear the roof properly. Homeowners in the New England area should make sure that they have an ongoing relationship with an established roofing company who offers an annual maintenance plan that includes snow removal. This gives them the assurance of knowing that their roof will be cleared effectively with the safety of the roofer and the roof in mind.

Even if snow removal is not part of an annual maintenance plan, the fee is a bargain compared to the cost of repairing a collapsed roof or experiencing a life altering accident no matter how many times per season it might need to be paid.

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