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Albany Roofers: Article About Signs That Indicate Worn Shingles

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Many homeowners only see the point in replacing the roof if the ceiling starts leaking. Some homeowners believe regular inspections are costly and unnecessary, and many don't believe that minor damage like curling or missing shingles could be a sign that they need a new roof. In general, many homeowners don't know how to tell if their roof really needs to be replaced or simply repaired because they lack the training and experience to know when a roof is wearing out. By the time there are gaping holes in the shingles or the attic is wet, there's likely to be heavy water damage and mold that local Albany roofers will have to remedy.

To avoid unnecessary repairs and reconstruction costs, homeowners can become aware of the warning signs that their roof is aging and take the necessary steps to prepare for a roof replacement. For example, buckled or curled shingles really do indicate that homeowners might need a new roof.

In addition, aging shingles are often missing asphalt granules. Most manufactures use a fiberglass mat to hold the composite materials in place, and once the shingle ages, homeowners might notice a change in color.

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Shingles without enough granules on their surface appear to have white or shiny gray spots. The change in color comes from the fiberglass mat showing through the thinning shingle. Having to clean the gutters of an enormous amount of asphalt particles also indicates that the shingles have lost their protective coating. Once the shingles are vulnerable to the elements, it's only a matter of time before the roof starts to fail.

Missing or damaged shingles do not always mean that homeowners need to replace the roof, however. A full replacement depends on how many shingles are missing and the condition of the other roofing materials. If the shingle tabs are not intact or if the roof is more than 20 to 30 years old, too many worn or damaged shingles makes the entire roof more susceptible to rain, snow and hail.

Hail damage to the chimney flashing, roof valleys and upper ridge vents might not be easily visible from the ground. A small puncture in the flashing or a hairline fracture in a single shingle is all it takes to start a leak. For this reason, getting regular roof inspections is the only way to know for sure if the roof will last a few more years or if homeowners need to consider replacing the roof right away.

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