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Albany Roofers: Article About Should Old Shingles Be Removed?

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There has been an ongoing debate about roofs for years regarding whether old shingles should be removed before putting down new ones. It certainly saves time and money, but is it worth it in the long run?

The biggest attraction a "shingle over" has for the homeowner is that it costs roughly half as much as a full roofing job where the roof is stripped down to the plywood decking. However, it isn't recommended by quality roofing professionals.

One of the reasons the shingle over process isn't recommended in the Albany area is because of the wind factor. During the winter and spring seasons when the weather is rougher and winds blow stronger, a shingle over roof has a tendency to lose shingles in the wind. Over a period of time, this will severely shorten the lifespan of the roof.

If a new roof is needed, homeowners in the Albany area should contact Albany roofers for an expert and honest opinion of their roofing situation. A roofing professional will inspect the home's roof and determine the best course of action that will give the homeowner a superior product for a very reasonable price. The homeowner can be assured their home's roof will be installed correctly and will require much less maintenance in the future.

The roofing experts at Ideal Construction of Albany can assist you with any questions regarding siding or doors.

If there are any preexisting problems with the current roof, such as leaks, hail damage or other issues that involve the underlayment, then the roof should definitely be stripped of the old shingles. Also, if the existing shingles are curled or misaligned, the old roof needs to be removed before new ones are installed, or the new layer of shingles will not lay flat.

If there is poor ventilation in the attic space and dry rot is present, it will be necessary to remove old shingles and underlayment, and all of the affected plywood roof decking as well. Dry rot is a fungus that actually eats the wood of the roof, making it soft and very unstable. If any part of the wood structure needs to be removed, such as the rafters, they should be replaced, ideally with rot resistant wood.

Most experts agree it is better to tear the old roofing material off and replace it with new shingles and underlayment. When the old roofing material is replaced with new materials, it will result in a stronger and longer lasting roof that will give a homeowner's house superior protection from the elements.

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