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Recent developments in roofing technology have included the production of stronger fiberglass mats, more durable asphalt and ceramic glazes that help to keep a roof cooler even when directly impacted by strong summertime rays of sunshine. As homeowners seek a greater level of energy efficiency in order to lower their utility costs, actions such as air sealing, insulating and installing cool roofs are gaining in popularity. Property owners can work with experienced Albany roofers to determine if a cool roofing system would be a good choice for their homes.

Ceramic glazes can be used to coat entire sheets of metal. This increases the reflectivity of the roof, keeping the home's living quarters cooler. The glaze can be applied during the production process or roofers can retro fit it onto an existing roof. If the metal has some areas of corrosion or rust, the roofers will remove it before applying the ceramic covering. The glaze needs about 24 hours of setting time. One or two coats may be needed for the best results. The glazes come in many colors, although light colors and white provide the most reflection of the sun's heat and light.

Another popular choice for exterior roofing is ceramic tiles. These consist of traditional terra cotta or clay tiles that have been glazed and fired again in a kiln.

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The glaze melds with the clay to create a vitreous finish that is impervious to moisture. The glazing also strengthens the tiles, helping them to maintain their structure even during strong gusts of wind, hailstorms or thunderstorms. Glazed tiles also have a longer lifespan, averaging about 35 to 40 years, compared to 30 years for non glazed and unsealed tile. A wide range of colors is available, with white offering the highest level of energy efficiency.

The newest use of glazes is for coating the granules affixed to the outer surface of asphalt shingles. When the granules are manufactured, they are sprayed with white glaze and then attached to the shingles. The finished shingles do not appear all that different from the curb. However, they are able to reflect a considerable amount of the sun's energy, rather than absorbing it like most asphalt shingles do.

The addition of ceramic glazes on a roof's outer surface helps the entire roofing system to last longer, as excess summertime heat and humidity are often to blame for undue wear and tear. Ceramic glazes also help to dampen outdoor noises, such as those from winds and driving rains.

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