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After a roof has reached its life expectancy and become worn to the point where it is no longer functional, experienced Albany roofers conduct what is known as a tear-off. The tear-off process involves the methodical removal of all the flashing, shingles or tiles and distressed roofing felt, insulation and underlayment that sits on top of the wooden decking. In years past, all of this material would be dropped into a large dumpster and then hauled away to a landfill. Today, many innovative roofing services are recycling more of the old roofing materials and turning these seemingly used-up products into new and useful items once again.

When a roof is being removed from an older home, the work crew may encounter some possibly hazardous materials. One such material, asbestos, was commonly used in residential and commercial construction as a way to make the roofing system fireproof. Silicate backing mats and asbestos shingles were common during the mid-1900s. None of these materials are recyclable.

Most roofs, however, do not contain any hazardous materials, and many of their components can be recycled. There are several ways in which the roofers can ensure that as much of the old roof is recycled as possible. One way is to tear off everything that needs to be removed and then use strong magnets to remove the metal screws, nails and flashing strips.

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This process is effective, but it is also time-consuming and laborious. Some roofers have a conveyor belt with a magnetic surface just above it or to the sides that will capture the metal parts. This takes less manual labor to perform, but the machines can be cumbersome and difficult to haul to residential work sites.

Another way that roofing materials can be recycled is to haul all of the waste to a processing facility that can handle large amounts of material quickly. These facilities have machinery that first pulls out all the metal with industrial magnets. Once all the metal is out, then the rubber and asphalt will go through a grinding machine. The shingles and asphalt-based underlayment get shredded. If any wood decking was torn off, this is usually the only item sent to the landfill.

The shredded pieces of asphalt are most frequently used as a substrate for the building of roads and driveways. The ground up asphalt is combined with concrete to make a base layer for temporary construction driveways and as a base layer for roads and highways. After a house is built, the concrete workers can finish the driveway with pavement.

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