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Roof flashing is found around chimneys, roof vents and in places where the roof meets a wall, like a dormer. It is usually made from materials like lead, steel or aluminum. Step flashing and counterflashing are sometimes used together to keep a roof from leaking. Since it is made of metal, flashing can rust and needs to be eventually replaced.

Flashing that's well placed and caulked can last a long time, but the hot sun and freezing weather of the Albany climate can break down the caulk seals, and the flashing will begin to leak. Heavy snows will also cause some metal flashings to rust. This will cause water leaks inside the attic as well as throughout the interior of the house. Flashing leaks can appear as brown spots on the ceiling or wall damage. The source of these of leaks can sometimes be difficult to locate and repair.

When it comes to the repair of leaking flashing on a roof, homeowners need professional assistance they can trust. Their home's roof is a valuable asset that needs to be well maintained and protected. Contacting qualified Albany roofers will ensure that the needed repairs will be done correctly.

The roofing experts at Ideal Construction of Albany can assist you with any questions regarding windows or doors.

A well trained roofing professional can conduct a detailed inspection of the roof and provide a cost estimate and list of needed repairs.

Flashing made of galvanized sheet metal is typically used in roof valleys and around chimneys to keep water channeled so it won't leak into the house. During construction, a roofing professional will cut the flashing pieces and shape them to fit individual situations. This flashing is usually installed over a waterproof membrane. After the flashing is put in place, the shingles are then installed over it.

Some flashing edges may be mortared into chimney bricks or tucked under siding, making them quite difficult to remove and replace. In these type of situations, the flashing will have to be cut away or pulled out from under the siding in order to be replaced. This can be difficult to do because the edges of flashing are very sharp and can cause serious injury to someone who is not experienced with handling flashing.

Installing flashing can be quite tricky. It requires specific knowledge and expertise in order to achieve a waterproof seal that will withstand the rigors of the local weather. The average homeowner should leave this type of installation and repair to a qualified professional. This will ensure a leak free roof that will give the homeowner many years of service.

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