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A variety of things can shorten a roof's lifespan. Some are obvious while others can surprise even the most experienced homeowners.

Since roofs provide protection from the weather, they are also damaged by the weather. The wind and hail of some storms can turn even the newest roof into damaged goods. High winds peel shingles from rooftops. Large hailstones spell trouble for every type of roof.

Each year, Albany roofers deal with the effects of winter on their customers' roofs. Heavy snow on a roof breaks down its materials. Snow on roofs frequently leads to ice dams, which can lead to pressure points that damage roofs. Wise homeowners keep an eye on their roofs in winter.

Fire can destroy an entire home. When a home is partially damaged from a fire, roofs often require repair or replacement.

Birds can do a lot of harm to roofs. Nesting birds can cause water to pool above a gutter or in a valley section. Woodpeckers can knock holes into some roofs. Houses in areas with a lot of bird activity also can expect a lot of bird droppings. These can eat away some roofing materials.

Squirrels can also damage a home's roof. They will gnaw their way through many roofing materials to gain access to an attic and see what they might forage inside.

The roofers at Ideal Construction of Albany NY can assist you with any questions regarding roofing or siding.

Regular checks for damage from squirrels and birds are advisable.

Trees can damage a roof in multiple ways. While an entire tree potentially smashing through a roof is a long shot, limbs from trees near a house sometimes fall and cause holes. Trees commonly damage roofs with their smaller parts. Leaves and pine needles allowed to collect on roofs and in gutters lead to pools of water. Standing water is very bad for roofs.

A roof shelters people, and nothing shelters the roof. During days when rain and snow do not beat down upon a roof, it must stand up to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. These slowly damage roofing materials and cause them to dry and crack.

Pooled water that goes unchecked can break down a roof's materials. Flat sections of residential roofs that do not receive regular maintenance are especially susceptible to damage from pools of water.

A simple lack of attention to a roof's problems can lead to damage of a homeowner's bank balance. Homes need their roofs professionally checked twice a year. Regular maintenance always saves money in the long term.

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