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Some homeowners pay to have their roofs replaced when they notice black streaks on the roof, but this is an unnecessary expense. Simply having the roof cleaned is enough to eliminate the black streaks, and it is far less expensive than replacing the roof. Other homeowners never have their roofs cleaned because they don't see visual signs of uncleanliness. However, never cleaning the roof can shorten its lifespan.

Cleaning a roof is not as easy as hosing it down either. Professional Albany roofers have special equipment used for the purpose of cleaning roofs. For example, a pressure washer should not be used to wash the roof because it damages the shingles. Homeowners should not climb on the roof and scrub the shingles with detergent either due to the risk of slipping and falling.

Reputable roofing contractors spray a biodegradable cleaning solution on the roof to avoid damaging the vegetation below. There is usually not much runoff from that type of cleaning solution, but roofing professionals will still catch and contain the runoff.

Black streaks are just one of many problems that can occur on the roof but are solved by hiring a roofing company to clean the shingles. A bacteria referred to as gloeocapsa magma is the cause of black streaks on a roof.

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The bacteria deteriorates the shingles, thus shortening the roof's lifespan. Mold, mildew and moss can make a home out of the roof as well. Mold and mildew are harmful to the homeowner's health.

One way that bacteria, mold and mildew damage a roof are by using the organic particles in the shingles as food. Therefore, the longer they sit on the roof, the more the shingles deteriorate.

When the bacteria eats through the shingles, it leads to wood rot as well. Moisture seeps into the cracks caused by wood rot, creating an ideal environment for mold growth. From there, the mold growth poses a health risk to residents.

Another important reason homeowners should keep a clean roof is that insurance companies have started to cancel homeowners policies over a dirty roof. In some cases, they only give the homeowner a week or less to have the roof cleaned. It's better to avoid this sudden stressful expense by maintaining a clean roof.

Moss, algae and other similar organisms on the roof decrease its effectiveness in reflecting sunlight. This results in homeowners using more electricity in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house.

Cleaning the roof is an important aspect in maintaining a valuable home and will prevent the roof from being replaced sooner than expected. It also prevents additional problems like wood rot, mold growth inside the house and higher electricity bills.

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