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Homeownership is a tremendous investment that comes with many benefits and some responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is taking care of the major systems of the home, such as the HVAC system, plumbing system and even the roofing system. Roofs require routine and annual preventative maintenance in order to keep them performing up to par and maintaining their ability to protect the entire housing structure. According to Albany roofers, homeowners can take several steps to get the most service life out of their roofing systems.

One of the most common problems roofs face is damage by surrounding shrubs and trees, especially as they grow larger. In order to thoroughly protect a roof, the branches of the trees and shrubs must be trimmed far enough back from any part of the roofing structure. This prevents the constant wear and tear that results from branches scraping the roof. Branches are heavier and more flexible than most homeowners believe and can impact the home's roof at high speeds during a wind storm.

The roof and gutters should also be kept clear of any natural debris like pine needles, leaves and branches. The accumulation of this type of organic debris can cause the roof to retain moisture, which accelerates the roofing materials' breakdown.

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The excess moisture, in addition, can create conditions for the infestation of mold, mildew or lichen. Homeowners may want to call a professional to have their roofs and gutters professionally cleared of debris.

Once every few months, the homeowner should take a walk around their property. They should visually inspect the areas where downspouts empty out for any signs of granules that have flaked off of their shingles. They should also be on the lookout for any stray shingles on the ground that may have come from their roof. Any of these signs may mean it is time to call a roofing professional.

Using binoculars, a homeowner can also assess on the roof for any damages or concerning symptoms. Here, homeowners should look to see if the flashing is rusting or coming away from the roof as well as any shingles that appear to be losing a significant amount of granules. They should also look for shingles that are displaced, cracked, curled or buckling. Any of these signs will warrant a call to their roofer for a professional inspection and repair or, potentially, a total roof replacement.

Preventative care and maintenance of a roof may not be the easiest or most fun thing for a homeowner to do. However, it will pay off in the long run when the roof performs well and has an extended lifespan.

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