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A wood shake roofing system can be one of the most advantageous surfaces that homeowners can install for their property. Not only is this system long lasting, but it is also relatively low maintenance compared to many other primary options. When homeowners want to get the most out of their systems, they should be sure to contact local Albany roofers to schedule a general maintenance procedure. In addition to a yearly inspection, it is strongly recommended for homeowners to perform a few steps to keep up with their roofing system.

Homeowners should always begin with a quick sweep of their system. Visually, they should inspect the roof's surface for signs of debris and damage. If they notice any debris on their rooftop, they should remove it as quickly as possible. Things like leaf litter, conifer needles and branches can all have a harmful effect on the roof's surface. If left alone, debris can retain moisture and allow wood destroying plant matter to grow.

Individuals should also be sure to call the experts if they notice that any shingles are damaged or worn away. Shingles that are in a poor state can greatly contribute to a variety of problems around the roof's surface. Wind uplift issues near the edge of the roof can be made all the worse by shingles that are not functioning as they are supposed to, and if there are damaged sections around the center of the roof, vital breach points may be opened up.

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In order to promote drying, individuals should also be sure to trim trees and shrubs around their roof's surface. If branches are allowed to grow at an excessive rate, homeowners will have to deal with potential physical abrasions to their shingles' surfaces. The mechanical action of rubbing can actually cause extensive damage to the wood shakes themselves. Additionally, the appearance of too much organic growth can result in a greater deal of shade and debris, which can promote the growth of algae, moss and other unwanted organisms on the roof's surface.

Finally, all homeowners should be sure to treat their shingles for insects. On a relatively small or low slope roof configuration, it can be easy for individuals to apply the pesticides themselves. In order to guarantee the safety of their roofing system, however, it is recommended for all homeowners to contact the professionals and have the pesticides and sealants applied as necessary. This procedure only needs to be done once every few weeks or so.

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