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Knowing the available roofing types and their pros and cons can help homeowners make an informed decision about what type of roofing material to use when replacing their roofs. Homeowners should consider several different factors when deciding on a roofing material, such as their budget, the longevity of the material and the required maintenance. They can discuss these factors and their options with their Albany roofers to help them decide on the best option for them.

Tile roofing is a popular option for many American homes. Tiles are made from clay, sand cast or concrete. They are durable and are known for their longevity, some lasting 50 years or more. Many homeowners are drawn to tile roofing for its distinctive Southwestern style, although tile roofing manufacturers are able to make concrete tiles look like wood shakes or even slate tiles for a higher end look. Tile shingles resist fire, rot and insects. They are also highly water resistant.

There are some drawbacks to tile shingles, however. Weight is a problem for many homeowners, as these shingles are very heavy. A roof needs to be structurally reinforced in order to support their weight. If a homeowner is replacing asphalt shingles with clay tiles, they will need to hire a structural engineer, at an additional cost, to tell the homeowner where the roof will need additional support to hold the weight of the tiles.

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The cost of the structural engineer, plus adding support to the roof can be in the ballpark of an additional $2,000, which may be cost prohibitive to some homeowners.

Tile shingles are also fragile. Simply walking on them can cause them to break. This means a homeowner should not allow anyone who is not trained and experienced with tiles to walk on their roof. This includes contractors who may be on the roof for other purposes, such as painting the home or cleaning gutters or chimneys.

Although roofing tiles will last several decades, the underlayment will need to be changed about every 20 years. If the underlayment is not changed, the roof has the potential to leak and the tiles could break; however, there is no other required maintenance or care for these tiles.

Homeowners need to know that tile roofs are expensive. They are quite possibly the most expensive roofing material option. Installation and materials can cost around $300 to $310 per square, depending on whether the old roof will be removed or not.

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