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There are many myths surrounding the use of metal roofing materials, such as the idea that metal roofs attract lightning strikes. Presented here are answers to some of the common questions Albany roofers get relating to the installation of metal roofs on residential properties.

While many people think that a metal roof will increase the chances of their home being hit by lightning, there is little evidence to support this claim. In fact, there is no evidence of an increase at all, but metal roofs have been proven to resist damage to lightning strikes better than other roofing materials. In the event that a lightning strike does occur, the metal roof will be able to disperse the electricity across the entire structure safely, and the metal won't be at risk of catching fire.

In the past, it was common for metal roofing to rust. However, today's technology allows roof manufacturers to add a layer of zinc and aluminum to the surface of roof and to seal the roof with a painted finish. This keeps the roof safe from corrosion and maintains the color quality of the roof over an extended period of time. It is important to note that some manufacturers do recommend recoating the roof every few years to ensure the life of the metal, but this is far more cost effective than having a complete roof replacement done.

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Since metal roofing materials tend to be thin, some people believe that they are not sturdy enough to withstand the weight of ice and snow, much less a person walking across them. However, metal roofing is attached using the same decking as asphalt shingles, along with a series of purlins that will help support the weight of the metal sheets. These are all very durable and can withstand large amounts of weight without risk of cracking or denting. The biggest concern for people walking across a roof is that a metal roof with a finishing coat can be very slippery, and, depending on the pattern of the roof, there may not be a flat surface to stand on.

Overall, metal roofing materials continue to improve in durability and longevity and offer a cost effective option for residential customers. In recent years, manufacturers have made great strides in improving the quality of metal roofing to better compete with traditional shingle and tile options, while also creating more visual appeal in their designs. It is now possible to get a beautiful metal roof without fear of rust or unreliable materials.

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