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Many homeowners are unaware of the condition of their roof. This is because the roof is usually the last aspect of a home people focus on when interested in renovating or remodeling. However, there are a few simple signs to look for when it comes time to invest in the construction of a new roof. Homeowners should contact their local Albany roofers if they stumble across any of these warning signs.

The first place to look for damage is the exterior of the home. It is important to check the condition of the shingles and gutters to ensure the roof is functioning properly. Missing shingles or dark, soft patches on the roof may indicate the presence of a leak. Often times, shingles will shed granules, which then accumulate in the gutter. Checking the gutter for granule buildup will inform the homeowner of their roof's condition. If an examination of the gutter reveals granule accumulation, the shingles will need to be replaced, as they have been affected by severe weather conditions or general wear and tear. Also, if the flashing on the roof appears cracked or peeling, it may be time for a replacement.

The roofers at Ideal Construction of Albany NY can assist you with any questions regarding siding or doors.

Interior damage occurs when exterior roof damage has gone unnoticed. Most of the damage can be found within the attic. Checking for visible signs of damage is simple. Begin by looking for dark water spots on the ceiling or light streaming in through cracks in the attic. These are signs of water leaks, which can cause mold or rot throughout the house. This type of damage should be taken care of immediately because it can pose a serious health hazard and cause safety concerns for the residents.

Age is also a large factor to consider when deciding if a roof replacement is appropriate. Most roof systems usually last around 20 years, but depending on the material of the roof, some may last longer. Asphalt usually lasts up to 20 years, whereas tile or concrete are more durable. In addition, climate and weather conditions can affect a roof's life span. Roofs that have been subjected to extreme weather conditions or severe humidity are usually more susceptible to damage.

The easiest way for homeowners to judge the appropriateness of a roof replacement is by contacting a professional to schedule a yearly inspection. Replacing a roof is a difficult project and typically involves a team of experienced professionals capable of installing and assembling the new system.

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