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In order to bring a home's attic up to the recommended R value as stated by the U.S. Department of Energy, many homeowners look to an insulating material that is easy to install, inexpensive and not based on the use of petroleum products. Rolled fiberglass is a popular choice for all of these reasons. Before having experienced Albany roofers install this kind of insulation in a home's attic, owners will need to decide between material that is faced or unfaced.

Unfaced insulation has the same thickness of fiberglass that faced insulation has. The only difference is that there is no backing paper to create a waterproof or vapor proof barrier. Because attics can get quite humid, especially during the summertime, homeowners choosing unfaced insulation will have to select a separate vapor barrier, such as polyethylene film, which resembles a thin, transparent plastic sheeting. In colder environments that get a lot of snow, an additional water and ice barrier would be a good choice. This kind of barrier helps to stop the intrusion of water crystals and droplets.

Unfaced insulation comes in standard widths of 15 and 23 inches. These sizes are designed to fit in the spaces between a roof's joists. The roofers will trim the length of the pieces and cut around any vent openings or places where whole house or attic fans are installed.

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The unfaced insulation can easily be pushed and squeezed into small spaces while the roofers are doing the installation. Installing unfaced insulation plus a separate barrier takes longer than the installation of faced insulation.

When installing faced insulation, there is only one product to put into place. This fire resistant material comes in the same sizes as insulation without a facing. This project goes quickly and may use less supplies to keep the insulation in place. The standard Kraft paper facing is generally sufficient for attic floors. It can also be used to line the attic's walls. In cold, snowy places like northern and western New York, the roofers may have already installed an exterior water barrier. When combined with exterior barriers and underlay, the faced insulation may offer better moisture control and ice dam prevention.

Ultimately, the choice in insulating material is up to the homeowner. No matter what material is selected, care should be taken to ensure that the amount of insulation meets the Department of Energy's recommended R value for the location and construction style of the house. This will also help keep the home more comfortable and energy efficient.

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