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While insulation can come in a wide variety of materials, there are a few popular types that homeowners should be familiar with. Some of the most common types are blanket insulation, concrete block, foam boards and loose fill insulation. When it comes to deciding what material is right for them, homeowners should always get the professional opinion of trusted and experienced Albany roofers.

Blanket insulation rolls are very easy to install and are often used in floors, ceilings and walls. This type of insulation is made of materials such as natural fiber, fiberglass and mineral wool. Blanket insulation rolls can be easily fitted between beams and studs and are therefore favored by those who enjoy investing in "do it yourself" projects. Regardless of whether a professional or a homeowner is completing the project, it is critical that the involved parties wear protective clothing. Gloves, goggles, masks, long sleeve shirts and pants should always be worn as the materials in blanket insulation can be itchy and irritating to the skin and lungs. For homeowners in hot climates, the addition of a radiant heat barrier should be considered for added energy efficiency.

For buildings with concrete foundations and walls, concrete block insulation is often used. While some may assume that the concrete blocks are filled with insulation, the insulating materials in this instance are actually placed on the outside of concrete blocks.

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This type of insulation is applied while the structure is being built. The building can benefit from its very high R-value, or its capacity to resist heat flow.

Foam board insulation comes in rigid panels that are made of polystyrene or polyurethane. These boards reduce heat conduction, though they should be covered with at least a half inch of gypsum to improve their fire resistance capabilities.

Loose fill, also known as blown in insulation, while less common, is a poplar solution for structures with many obstructions or irregular shapes. It is not recommended for application on unfinished walls, however. This material is blown in with a machine and can fill up enclosed spaces, such as a wall cavity. Like blanket insulation, this type is also comprised of fiberglass or mineral wool.

For homeowners living in areas with high heat, a reflective insulation system should be considered. This system reflects heat up and away from the house and into the air above. By preventing heat from moving downward, greater energy efficiency is achieved in homes trying to maintain a cool temperature. Radiant heat barriers can also be used in tandem with this type of installation.

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