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The roofing is one of the most important parts of the building. It is as important as the wall itself. It contributes to the aesthetic appeals of the house and protects the interior from damage by the external environment. Thus, it should get as much attention as that given to other parts of the house.

Over the last decade, there has been an explosion in technologies used in manufacturing roofs. Albany roofers have been looking for longer lasting roofs, better designs, better reflectivity and of course, the aesthetic appeal, among other reasons. Here are new technologies aimed at solving the above problems.

Among the revolutionary roofs are the single-ply systems. They consist of one layer of a plastic membrane or an elastic material. The thickness ranges from around 45-60 mils. The roof can be fastened to the roof deck with gravel, which is called blasting. Initially, this kind of roofing was used to repair the failures of built up roofing. The roof has excellent elongation and is good at maintaining cool interiors.

Metal roofs are also hot trends in the marketplace. Initially, these were just metal panels caulked together and screwed into a metallic frame. However, with expanded research, there are now bigger panels and the screws are normally concealed. The panels also slide to accommodate expansion and contraction. Metal roofs can be used in new roofs and in reroofing projects.

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However, metal roofs require a slope of 0.25 inches per foot. For wider roofs, the designers use a common gutter to separate roof in the lengths equal to the metal panels.

Built up roofing materials have been on the market for some time. However, there have been several improvements with the aim of making the roofs more resistant to harsh weather and extending their lifespan. Roofing designs have shifted from matted paper-based asphalt shingles to fiberglass based shingles. Fiberglass is more resistant to wind breakage. Wind is one of the leading causes of roof damage in many areas around the world.

Modified bitumen systems are also great improvements to conventional asphalt membranes. The modified roofs are made of plastic or rubber additive that is then combined with fillers, asphalt and reinforced with felts. These additions give the modified roof better cold flexibility and improved elasticity than the regular bituminous roof.

There has also been a campaign for people to use environment friendly roofing systems. The campaigns led to the design of eco roofing materials. Eco roofs are of two kinds. The first is a green roof that allows the planting of crops on the rooftops. The second are the energy tapping roofs that convert sun rays into electrical energy.

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