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Shingles must be able to endure a great deal in order to protect the home and the family that lives inside it. Many roofing products are rated for impact resistance and fire resistance. Highly-rated materials often qualify homeowners for significant discounts on their homeowner's insurance rates. According to State Farm, the discount could be as much as $1000 annually, but it varies from company to company. Experienced Albany roofers are familiar with different impact and fire-resistant roofing materials and can help homeowners choose the one that works best for their home and their budget.

Hailstorms account for a significant portion of the number of roofing insurance claims filed annually by homeowners. In response to the need for better roofing, many manufacturers have developed impact-resistant roofing materials. These materials can be made of anything from asphalt or metal to rubber. However, to be considered for any type of insurance discounts, the material must receive a UL 2218 Class 4 rating, which is the highest possible.

Roofing materials can also be crafted to be fire-resistant. Because the scope and severity of the damage caused by a house fire can be limited with a fire-resistant roof, many insurers offer discounts to homeowners with fire-resistant roofing materials installed.

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Classification of roofs for fire resistance is more complicated than for impact resistance. In this case, the entire roofing system, not just the shingles, must be evaluated. Several different tests are used to determine the rate at which fire will spread. Tests are also used to see how long it will take for a burning brand to ignite the decking and how long the material will resist ignition when directly exposed to flame. The highest rated roofs will receive either a Class 1 or Class A rating, with Class 1 being the most comprehensive.

Sometimes, choosing highly-rated materials will initially cost more to install. However, the insurance discounts usually help offset the initial cost. Insurance discounts notwithstanding, the largest benefit of installing an impact and fire-resistant roof is the peace of mind that it affords the family who lives in that house. Homeowners with impact-resistant shingles need not worry that a hailstorm will weaken or destroy their roof and leave it and their home vulnerable to the severe weather that usually follows. Families who live in a home with a fire-resistant roof assembly will have the extra time needed to escape should a fire start. Plus, their home could be saved from total destruction because the roof may help keep the fire from consuming the entire home.

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