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In many parts of the country, it's important to ensure that a roof stays intact even when it's besieged by large hail stones. In New York alone, State Farm processed 34,000 claims for hail and wind storm damage in a single year. In all, hail and wind damage costs the company and its customers about $3.9 billion each year.

To avoid those expenses and the frustration of a failed roof, homeowners have a variety of impact resistant roofing options to discuss with their trusted Albany roofers. Luckily, most modern roofs are tested for impact resistance and labeled according to how well they perform so it's easier to shop for just the right roof.

First, it helps to know a little about the testing and rating systems. Most flexible roofs like asphalt shingles are examined according to UL 2218 standards. In these tests, steel balls of varying sizes are dropped onto the shingle from varying heights. This mimics the impact of frozen hail stones falling from the sky. First, shingles are hit twice in the same spot with 1.25 steel balls from 12 feet above.

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If the shingle and its underlayers don't break, fracture, crack or tear during this test, the shingle undergoes additional rounds of progressively larger steel stones and increasingly taller heights.

Shingles and other roofing material tested within the UL 2218 standards are rated according to the largest impact it can withstand without showing damage. Roofs that maintain their integrity when hit with a 1.25 inch steel ball earn a Class 1 rating. Roofs that hold up to 1.50 inch pellets earn Class 2 ratings, and roofs that withstand the impact of 1.75 inch spheres are rated at Class 3. Class 4 roofs offer the greatest impact resistance, staying strong even when struck twice by 2 inch steel balls.

The test for rigid roofs like cement tiles and slate is similar, although it uses frozen ice balls that are actively shot at the roofing material. The FM 4473 tests rate roofs to the same class and size scale as the UL 2218 standards so homeowners and building managers can look at a Class 4 rated roof of any kind and know that it offers the highest impact protection.

Most of these roofs are engineered specifically to achieve this high impact resistance. Roof manufacturer GAF offers Class 4 impact resistant shingles that gain their strength from SBS modified asphalt. Wood shingles and metal panels are thickened to increase durability, and tiles can be made more impact resistant using rubber, resins or plastics.

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