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Hailstorms are among the most destructive events that nature can throw at a home. Houses often suffer from severe hail damage, which needs to be repaired as quickly as possible after the storm has passed. Identifying and repairing the damage can be a difficult task for many homeowners since the damage can be hard to identify and often requires specialized skills to repair. Most homeowners whose homes are damaged in a hailstorm choose to hire Albany roofers to help them assess and repair the damage.

Sometimes the signs of hail damage are easy to see, even with a casual inspection. Hail can leave large dents in a roof and even shatter its shingles, both of which are clear signs that the roof needs to be repaired. However, the damage can also be much harder to detect. Hail can cause wooden sections of a roof to splinter and split, which can be hard to see without a close inspection. It can also leave small holes in a roof that are big enough to let water through but too small for most people to notice.

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Since it is nearly impossible to notice the subtler signs of damage from the ground, inspecting a roof for hail damage requires the inspector to climb up onto the roof. People who want to inspect their own roof for damage need to be very careful not to fall off and hurt themselves while they do so.

Even seemingly minor damage to a roof can reduce a family's quality of life in their own home. The negative effects of large leaks are easy for a family to notice, but small leaks can go unnoticed for years before the family starts to suffer from them. Small amounts of water that leak in through tiny holes can encourage destructive mold and mildew growth inside the house, which can develop into a very large problem over the course of a few years. It can also cause the house's wooden components to warp and rot, greatly reducing the lifespan of the home. The leakage can also ruin insulation, which can result in significantly increased energy costs in addition to an uncomfortable home.

Even though it can take a long time for those major problems to develop, it is best to deal with them as quickly as possible. Preventing a problem is much cheaper and easier than fixing it, so homeowners should have their home checked for damage and make any necessary repairs as quickly as they can after a storm.

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