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Homeowners who want to get the most out of their new roof can take several steps to ensure that the roof they purchase lasts for as long as it is rated. Experienced Albany roofers are able to help homeowners make decisions that will help their roof outperform its warranty.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it is wise to buy as much roof as the budget allows. A higher grade shingle will cost slightly more in the beginning; however, high grade shingles last longer than their less expensive cousins. For example, a homeowner who chooses ten year shingles will have to reroof that home three times over the duration of the average mortgage. A homeowner who chooses 50 year shingles will never need to replace the roof. It costs more to reroof the home three times than it does to do it once.

When homeowners are ready to sell, a great roof goes a long way toward getting their asking price. It can also mean the difference between the house selling quickly or languishing on the market. Many 50 year roofs come with a transferable warranty which can make the home that much more attractive to potential buyers.

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High grade shingles also have better ratings for impact and fire resistance, which could qualify homeowners for discounts on their homeowner's' insurance. Over the lifetime of the roof, the discounts and the lack of deductibles paid out (because no claims needed to be made) can more than make up the higher initial cost of the better roof.

To get the most out of a new roof, homeowners must also pay attention to its supporting structures and systems. It is wise to make sure that the attic is air sealed and properly ventilated. Ensuring that sufficient levels of insulation are present is also important. To extend the usable life of the roof, the gutters and downspouts must be in good order. Including the attic and the gutters in the roofing budget will assure the homeowners that the roofing system will perform as expected.

Routine maintenance is vital to the longevity of a new roof. Many reliable roofers offer maintenance plans to their clients. These plans offer regular inspections, cleanings and repairs for a monthly fee. Each company has its own list of included services. Utilizing this service is wise because many roofing problems can be found and fixed while they are still small and inexpensive. If the maintenance plan includes snow removal and gutter cleaning, it is worth the fee for those services alone.

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