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Gable and hip roofs are two of the most common roof styles for family homes. The gable roof is also known as a pitched or peaked roof; there are just two individual slopes to the roof that meet at the peak. This simple structure makes the gable roof one of the more inexpensive roofing styles for Albany Roofers to build. The gable roof is a great option for climates with rain and snow, and it can be covered with a wide variety of roofing materials. The attic space in a home with a gable roof is large and can be useful for storage, or in some cases even as living space. However, the gable roof is not a good option in windy climates or in hurricane territory. Because the edge of the roofing materials is exposed, high winds could potentially peel the roof away from the decking. The roof, itself, can become separated from the walls in very high winds or could possibly even collapse if the structure has inadequate support.

A hip roof has slopes on every side. The four sides meet at the top of the ridge of the roof, either in a pyramid or with a short ridge. The hipped roof is also an appropriate choice in rainy or snowy climates and is suited to a large variety of roofing materials. The attic space inside a hipped roof is typically quite a bit smaller than an attic in a gable roof, as some of the head space is lost to the additional roof slopes.

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Hip roofs are very sturdy and are a far better choice in a windy climate than a gable roof. The roof edges are only exposed at the eaves, and high winds will push up and over the roof rather than catching the edge of the roof and causing severe damage. However, a hipped roof can be more expensive to build than a gable roof. The design has additional joints and seams and the structure and roofing process is more complicated to plan and implement.

For the homeowner who appreciates the beauty and function of both roofing styles, there are also hybrid hip and gable roof options available. A combination roof may offer unique elements of both styles; for example, a hipped roof can have a gabled dormer. Another example is the jerkinhead roof, which is essentially a gable roof with small hipped ends. This adds architectural interest, but is also a practical choice as the hipped roof ends are more resistant to wind. The cost of a combination roof is also high because of the complex roofing details, but it is a wonderful choice for homeowners in windy climates who also wish to preserve attic space.

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