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Many commercial buildings are topped by a flat roof, and the building owner should only hire Albany roofers who are experienced with this type of roof. One of the keys to keeping the roof in good working order and avoiding costly damage is to have an annual inspection. This allows the company to find minor problems and fix them before they become major issues.

Despite the name, a flat roof is not actually flat. If it was, water from rain or snow would pool throughout the roof, causing water damage, leaking and mold growth. Instead, there is a slight pitch to the roof that directs water to drains at the sides. It may not be noticeable to the untrained eye, but an experienced roofer can tell that it's there and if it's working properly.

One of the most difficult aspects of owning a building with a flat roof is that the roof isn't visible from the ground. Homeowners with more traditional roofs might be able to look up and see that there are loose shingles or other damage to the roof, but those who have flat roofs don't have this luxury.

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Instead, damage isn't usually found until the roof starts leaking into the main areas of the building.

It's a smart idea for someone who has a flat roof to periodically walk around the roof and look for potential problems. These include signs that water isn't draining properly, like puddles of water or stains from water that may have been standing in the past. While the building owner might be able to take note of some of these more obvious signs of a problem with the roof, it's much better to have a professional inspection to check on the more minute details. For example, the inspector might be able to note places where the waterproof membrane has been damaged.

The inspector should look at all areas on the roof, as well as the areas below. By looking at the roof from underneath, it's possible to detect signs of leaking that may not have been obvious from the top of the roof. An annual inspection goes far beyond being able to catch these small problems early, though. The inspector will also be able to point out areas that are likely to need fixing in the near future or make recommendations for maintenance work that can be done to improve the efficiency of the roof. All of these things combined make hiring a professional a great idea.

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