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In order to have one's Albany roofers come out and fix a leak in their roof, first the homeowner needs to know where that leak is. It will save time and energy when the crew comes to fix the leak if the homeowner knows its origin point.

A homeowner will usually suspect a leak after it's been around for a while. Also, the leak is usually further away from origin point than one would think. If a leak is suspected, the best thing to do is to inspect the attic.

A homeowner should go looking for leak during the daytime and head straight up to the attic with a flashlight in hand. The homeowner needs to use the flashlight to examine the underside of the roof. They'll want to look out for areas that are darker than the surrounding roof sheathing. If it hasn't rained recently, moist areas may be difficult to uncover. If the homeowner finds a patch of mold, chances are, they've found the vulnerable point in the roof. Mold remains longer than wetness does.

If a homeowner is looking at insulation, they must remember that insulation deteriorates more noticeably and more quickly than wood does. If there's damage on one section of the insulation, it's still possible that the leak itself may be several feet away on either side.

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The best course of action to take is to remove all insulation adjacent to the spot where the signs of the leak are noticeable. The homeowner should find the leak inside this larger area.

Searching for foreign objects like an errant nail that's pierced the roof will lead the homeowner to a leak pretty quickly. If there is nothing as obvious as that, it's wise to check the roof vents. Sealant around the roof vents can often erode and cause rain and water to enter the roof.

If it hasn't rained recently, it's easy to simulate a storm. Two people are needed for this. One goes up on the roof with a garden hose. The other remains in the attic with a flashlight. Section by section, the individual on the roof, who had better be wearing rubber soled shoes for safety, will wet it and simulate a downpour. The person in the attic will be looking for leaks.

When a leak is found, the best option is to call a competent roofer to help fix the leak so that the job can be done professionally.

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