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When a homeowner decides to have their roof replaced, it is the beginning of many important decisions that will shape how much money they spend and how their house looks in the end. One important decision that homeowners in this situation are faced with is selecting a color for their new roof. According to many Albany roofers, choosing the right color can make or break how a home looks. It is important that homeowners remember that, in most cases, the color of the roof cannot be changed unless the entire roof is changed. Painting or staining the roof once it is in place can damage the roofing materials, such as the granules on asphalt shingles.

Selecting a roof color can be challenging for some homeowners, just as choosing a paint color for the home is. There are many factors to consider, such as how the nearby houses look and what colors they have used and what colors are available in the chosen roofing material. Another important factor to take into consideration at this time is the homeowners association. Depending on how strict the local association is, the homeowner may be severely limited in the colors they can select from, or it may not matter at all. Some associations require prior approval, while others have a pre approved color selection list that a homeowner must choose from. Some even have forbidden color lists.

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No matter how a homeowners association handles roof colors, it is vital that a homeowner checks with them prior to selecting their roof color. Not doing so can be expensive and very inconvenient in the long run.

Once that task is out of the way, a homeowner can go for a drive within their neighborhood or town and pay special attention to the roof and home colors. This can give them some good ideas of colors to use for their own roof or even ideas about color combinations they want to avoid. They can also ask a designer or even a realtor for color ideas.

A homeowner should be able to request shingle samples from their roofing contractor. They should compare these samples at different times of the day, thus in different kinds of lighting, to their brick, stucco, fence, doors and garage doors in order to help them visualize what that roof color may look like on their own home.

Another tool that many homeowners appreciate is a software application that allows them, or the roofing contractor, to upload a picture of the home and see it with various roof colors.This can help a homeowner better visualize what different roof colors may look like. If a homeowner is interested in this, they can do an Internet search or ask their professional roofer for assistance.

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