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Clay tiles are one of the many roofing system options available for both home and commercial property owners all over the world. In the local area, Albany roofers will be able to provide homeowners with a quality clay installation, but it is a good idea for customers to know what to expect for the best results. While there are many modern roofing systems that have been developed in the last century, clay tiles are a historically renowned roofing material. This old world surface can provide homeowners with a variety of advantages.

Although its popularity as a roofing system has changed over time, clay tiles have been a large part of all types of roofing systems. Today, when homeowners look for Ideal Construction, they are enticed by some of the innate benefits associated with a tile roofing system. Clay is renowned for its durability and insulating potential as well as its classical appearance. This makes the system ideal for use in both mild and hot climates. Clay tiles also have the ability to resist damage from fire.

The clay tile roof is often chosen because it is extremely long lived. With proper maintenance performed roughly twice a year, this type of roof can last well over a century without any visible signs of damage, providing efficient moisture protection with relatively minimal effort on the property owner's part.

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When clay tiles are formed, they are fired at high temperatures until the clay vitrifies and becomes dense enough to resist all types of water damage. Clay tiles are resistant to heavy snows, hailstorms and sleet. Clay can also be ideal for coastal homes, as the surfaces can stand up well against salty sea spray and long-term freeze thaw cycles. Other roofing systems may experience damage if they are installed in such locations.

Because clay tiles are formed in batches, they can be customized quickly for personal installations. Clay tiles can be produced in almost any color or texture, ranging from the traditional rusty reds to more unique colors like blue, green or black. If homeowners are interested in standard configurations, they may choose from a variety of profiles on the market. These include mission tiles, which are sometimes known as barrel tiles, or S curved tiles, which are slightly cupped and create the classical look found on Spanish and South American homes. Homeowners may also choose to invest in flat tiles, which are known as English tiles, for a more modern appearance on their property.

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