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Cedar roofing offers a variety of benefits. It has a long lifespan and is aesthetically pleasing, and it's durable in severe weather. Cedar is also environmentally friendly and saves on heating and cooling costs through its natural insulation. It comes in the form of shakes and shingles, both of which can be installed by Albany roofers.

Cedar shakes are split from wood blocks and available in hand split and tapersawn types. Hand split cedar shakes have a rough, textured look. Tapersawn cedar shakes appear more similar to shingles.

Cedar shingles are sawn from wood and available in sawn and sanded varieties. Sawn cedar shingles look similar to cedar shakes and are ideal for those seeking a rustic look. Sanded cedar shingles have a more refined appearance and are smoother on the sides.

Red cedar and white cedar are the two main types of cedar wood used in roofing systems. Red cedar is of higher quality and more expensive than white cedar. It's strong and resistant to damage from insects and rot. It can also withstand many climate types and has a natural preservative. White cedar ages to a silvery gray color, and certain types resist decay well.

Those who choose cedar shakes or shingles can decide between different widths, lengths, and levels of thickness.

The roofers at Ideal Construction of Albany NY can assist you with any questions regarding siding or doors.

Cedar shakes offer more size options than cedar shingles, and they come in lengths between 18 and 24 inches. They're ideal for a handcrafted appearance. Cedar shingles usually come in lengths of 16, 18, and 24 inches.

Red and white cedar can be enhanced in coloration by adding a stain. Stains add a color effect without hiding the wood's natural texture.

The two downsides to cedar roofing systems are cost and maintenance. Cedar roofing costs more to install than other types of roofing systems, and the material is more expensive than other options. It does, however, provide a high return on investment through its longevity. Cedar roofing must be maintained regularly to prevent mildew, mold, and moss growth. Certain preservatives can be added, however, to preserve the wood.

Making sure branches and shrubs stay away from cedar roofing can help minimize the growth of fungi. Periodically removing leaves from the surface also assists with this. Cleaning of cedar roofing should be done with a garden hose. Using higher pressure water can rip wood fibers and create permanent damage. Roof care professionals, however, can perform a more thorough cleaning without damaging the wood.

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