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Winter months mean the return of freezing temperatures, snow, ice and wind. All of these weather events could translate into roof trouble. If a homeowner is concerned about the potential for broken shingles, leaks, gutter damage or worse, they should contact Albany roofers. These professionals will perform a fall maintenance checkup and make any necessary repairs to ensure the roof survives whatever winter has in store.

Gutters clogged with tree debris can pose significant cold weather problems. Leaves and branches block the flow of melting snow, causing gutters to fill and freeze. This can ultimately make them pull away from the eaves leading to roof and gutter damage.

Ice and snow can wreak havoc on a roof. As temperatures drop outside, the heat goes up inside. This causes snow on the roof to melt and refreeze forming ice dams. Ice dams prevent drainage, leaving the roof vulnerable to water damage and mold growth. The excess weight of snow and ice can even threaten the roof structure.

Something as simple as the trees in the yard could prove hazardous to the roof during winter storms. Blizzards, known for their strong, sustained winds, can easily damage shingles and launch debris into the air. Large branches or a downed tree hitting the roof can cause major damage requiring immediate repair.

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Tree limbs weakened by the weight of snow and ice can be equally damaging if they break and fall onto the roof.

Other winter weather effects are not as obvious but are just as damaging to the roof. Flashing around skylights, chimneys and vents can sustain damage or fail after several harsh winters. Likewise, composition and wood shingles may split or curl over the course of several heavy snowfalls. Shingle damage exposes the underlayment, allowing moisture to seep directly into the roof decking. Unfortunately, roof damage may go unnoticed for months until the spring thaw. Repairs can be extensive the longer a leak is ignored.

Skylight condensation poses another cold weather problem for roofs. Older skylights lack insulated glass and integrated flashing systems. Improper insulation and lack of protective membrane could also be a culprit. Condensation may form on the interior of the skylight when it is cold outside and warm inside. The moisture increases if a skylight is located in or near an area of high humidity like the kitchen, bath or laundry room. Interior condensation can damage surrounding drywall and even the roof itself.

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