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The installation of green roofs has been increasing exponentially over the past few years. A positive trend of installing green roofs on commercial and residential properties began in 2001 with the 20,000 square feet of green roof installed on Chicago's City Hall, the first on a municipal building. A lot of misperceptions have existed in relation to green roofs such as they are heavy, too expensive, or prone to problems. These have been debunked for a large part with a growing awareness about the benefits of a green roof. There are plenty of qualified Albany roofers able to help homeowners assess the feasibility of a green roof.

On an initial cost basis, a green roof is 30 to 60 percent more expensive than a traditional roof. However, over time, a green roof pays out significant dividends that make it a more intelligent investment. These benefits can be tangible and intangible. Installation of adequate green roofing to the house may qualify certain homeowners for tax benefits. Additionally, this type of roofing provides insulation and protection of the roof that can translate to lower energy and maintenance expenses over time. Studies have concluded that a green roof can reduce the air conditioning bill by nearly 20 percent compared to a traditional roof.

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At the same time, layers of plants and soil protect the roof itself from different weather conditions and result in an extended roof life. The myth that green roofs are more leak prone has also been discredited by research studies. They are installed over a waterproof membrane as a precaution, nevertheless.

A second factor to consider is that a green roof is an aesthetically pleasant feature of the house. A roof covers nearly 40 percent of the house's exterior and needs to look good for the house to look good. Often times, homeowners may feel that concerns like the visual appeal of a green roof may not have an acceptable return on investment, but they neglect the impact of that visual appeal on the house's price valuation. Adding that to the tax incentives, a green roof gives a very sustainable deal to the homeowners.

A green roof has other functions as well. For one, it creates a new recreational space for the household. It also prevents drainage of rainwater from running into the worn out sewer systems. Instead, that water is used to grow plants that contribute positively toward the environment. It is important to consider a few factors prior to installing a green roof. Such a roof will carry a high weight, and in areas which experience a lot of snowfall for a big part of the year, a green roof may not be beneficial.

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