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When bats invade an attic space a homeowner may not immediately realize the little furry mammals are using the house as a nest. In fact, it may take quite some time to figure it out. However, people should be wary of bats around their house because when a bat colony in an attic space grows large, it can cause a lot of serious trouble for a homeowner.

If an Albany homeowner has suspicions that bats are living in the attic space of their house, they should immediately make plans not only for the removal of the bats but for the cleanup that must be done professionally. After the cleanup, the homeowner should contact knowledgeable Albany roofers to come and block or seal all the points of entry, including small areas between the soffit and fascia boards and around roof vents.

After the entries are blocked, the roofing professional can assess the roof and attic for any bat-related damage and make plans for repair. It would also be a good idea for the homeowner to schedule regular roof maintenance inspections in the future to make sure the bats do not return.

The roofers at Ideal Construction of Albany NY can assist you with any questions regarding roofing or siding.

In colder areas like Albany, bats will migrate south for the winter and return in the spring. Late fall, after the bats have left the attic space, is the best time to take action. Sealing of the attic can't be done during the months the bats are actually living in the attic because it is illegal to harm or kill a bat in many areas.

Bat droppings are called guano and they have a very pungent and foul odor. It is the accumulation of guano in the attic, along with the bat urine, that damages building materials and a house's interior structures.

The accumulation of waste will begin to drip down the sides of the home's walls, on the inside as well as the outside, and cause unsightly stains. The guano will rot away the roof soffits and fascia boards and also cause damage to the walls of the house. The constant accumulation of moisture can cause sheetrock on ceilings to crumble and collapse. It will also ruin insulation and particle board, warp or rot wood and OSB and permanently stain stucco walls.

Bat guano contains a certain type of fungus called Histoplasmosis, which is very dangerous to humans. When this fungus is inhaled it can cause a deadly lung infection that can be fatal.

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