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Tile is the oldest roofing material known to humankind and has numerous advantages. Roof tiles are usually made of clay or concrete, and they come in a variety of shapes that are designed to serve a certain function. For those who would like to install tile roofs, Albany roofers are some of the most experienced professionals in this field.

Tile roofing is extremely durable. Roof tiles found at archeological sites have remained intact for centuries. For purposes of functionality, a tile roof is expected to last for about 50 years or more. As a result, it is a long-term investment that also adds significantly to the resale value of the home in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

The durability of tile roofing is due to its resistance to mold and rot as well as insect and other types of pest damage. Roof tiles can withstand hurricane force winds and are not easily damaged by severe weather events such as hail. They are also non-combustible, and therefore fire-resistant, contributing to the safety of the home. Tile roofs are easy to install, and their maintenance costs are relatively low in comparison to other roofing materials.

Tile roofing is also energy-efficient.

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Roof tiles are highly reflective in comparison to shingles, and provide extra insulation for the home by lowering the heat conduction between the roof and the interior of the house. They are also laid in a manner that allows for air circulation under the tiles, further contributing to this feature. As a result, homes with tile roofing require less heating in the winter and less cooling in the summer.

There are few drawbacks to tile roofing, which should be considered prior to installation. The primary disadvantage of roof tiles is that they are quite heavy. As a result, the structure of the home should be inspected to ensure that it is able to bear the weight of a tile roof. It may be necessary to add support beams or other necessary structures, which can increase the cost of the project. Roof tiles are also fragile, so walking on them can cause them to break. As a result, any maintenance that is required needs to be hired out to a professional who is trained to walk on tile roofing without damaging it or interfering with the rain gutters.

The initial cost of installing tile roofing may be high, especially if it is necessary to hire a structural engineer to build additional reinforcements to support the weight of a tile roof. However, it should be kept in mind that tile roofing is built to last for almost a lifetime and requires relatively little maintenance, which can make the investment worthwhile.

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